The Invasion of the Love of God -10%
ISBN: 9789875576162
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Get ready to experience God´s power

Prepare yourself to be reached by an unprecedented supernatural movement
What we call “Invasion of the Love of God” is strategy within the framework of a supernatural movement that is reaching millions of people around the world and presents an all powerful God whose love is everlasting.
This project has been the answer to the questions of many pastors and Christian leaders. These, among others, include:

How to grow my congregation?

How can I break the deadlock?

Can I experience the supernatural both in my life and ministry?
Pastor Jorge Ledesma, who has faithfully proven the effectiveness of this strategy, invites you to discover the potential in you and your people to reach your city and transform it. Thus, they will be able to bring the Kingdom of God to their lives and families, so that the world may believe!

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